We believe life is better when we are feeling strong, flexible and shredding in activities feeding our sole. The key to feeling is this way is to work on postural alignment, strength and mobility on a regular basis.

Headlands Fitness provides fun, engaging fitness programs for people of all ages wanting to bring training into their lives.  Whether your goal is to keep surfing into old age or adventuring in exotic lands, we are here to help you reach your goals. What sets us apart is our commitment to safety, attention to body mechanics and ability to customize programming based on what each individual needs.

Steve Siskin

Steve Siskin

Personal Trainer

Steve’s training sessions draw from a full life of outdoor activity, including a 32-year career in outdoor recreation and fitness. Steve believes that fitness training is a way to bring joy and positivity into people’s lives and to maintaining an active lifestyle.  Steve works with everyone regardless of age, experience or physical condition. It’s his ability to connect with each client, developing and encouraging everyone to reach their goals that sets Steve apart. Being well in to middle age himself, Steve has a keen awareness of how to work with the 40 and older crowd  Keeping exercise safe, comfortable and effective is priority number one.

  • Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • General Manager, Univ. California San Francisco, Fitness & Recreation
  • BA, Recreation & Leisure Studies, San Francisco State University
  • Pilates Foundation Certified
  • Wilderness First Responder, CPR
  • Outdoor Instructor/Guide specializing in SUP, Surfing, Backpacking